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How About Personalized Wooden Signs for Home?

Personalized wooden signs bring a great deal of personality and pizzazz to any home or office. You can order authentic looking vintage and customized signage to display however you wish, and they are particularly popular for displaying family names, crests, and emblems. We create high quality custom signage, whether it is for your new bar, or if you are looking for a unique gift for a special occasion. Our versatile array of signs lets you fit the sign that fits your personality or that of the event perfectly. Other uses for signs include cabin signs, business logos, family signs, and as directional signs. Furthermore, many people prefer to use wood as it is a renewable source and something that can be continually grown with the planting of new crops. From an environmental standpoint, wood is also biodegradable, unlike its plastic or metal counterparts. Wood is further a cost-effective option and less expensive to replace as well as offering an essential of natural beauty.

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Unique Personalized Wooden House Signs for Any Occasion

Personalized wooden signs have been around for a long time. Yet, the technology that is used to create the personalized wooden house signs has changed significantly. While many artisans continue to hand-carve exquisite pieces of wood, CNC and laser engraving machines are also used today to help make a customer’s design a reality. Graphics and lettering can be engraved, distressed, embossed, painted, or left as is and natural. There are also a wide variety of wood types and finishes so you are sure to find your ideal look.

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All About Personalized Wooden Welcome Signs

Personalized wooden welcome signs are sealed against the elements and designed to last a long time with just a few maintenance necessities. There’s no rusting metal to worry about, and if your sign is intended for outdoor use, it will last several years before having to be touched-up. Along with endless charm, wood signage offers a great deal of design versatility. They are certainly rustic, but can be just as bold, charming, elegant, and modern. Several businesses even use these types of signs to attract customers, but in a home environment, they add the utmost charm and elegance. The benefits include:

  • Personalized wooden welcome signs help put a personal touch on your property
  • These signs are study
  • They are timeless
  • They are affordable
  • They don’t require as much maintenance as some may think
  • They are great for family crests and names
  • They make unique gifts
  • Add a rustic ambience to a space
  • Can be quirky and humorous
  • Offer great versatility

Different Kinds of Finishes for Personalized Wooden Signs

There is a variety of finished for personalized wooden signs. These include:

  • A standard finish
  • Extra protection oils
  • A satin finish varnish
  • UV protection finishes
  • Acrylic varnish
  • Gloss varnish
  • Danish oil
  • Matt finish
  • Resins for personalized wooden signs
  • Sealants to protect against elements
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You can send us your logo in any format,
and our manager will prepare all details quickly and for free
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