Big or Small Wooden Signs? We’ve Got You Covered

Wooden Signs

Whether you are looking for big or small wooden signs, wooden signs offer a highly classic look and are extremely durable. There is a range of materials available besides traditional wood, such as Omega Signboard which boasts a white vinyl surface over a hardwood plywood core, or even Medium Density Overlay, which is a denser plywood that had a thin paper film either on both sides or just the one side. These signs can be used as restaurant signage, building signs, informational signs, and directional signage. You can further increase the effectiveness of the signs by using borders to enhance readability, use contrasting paint colors for improved visibility, or even make use of carving to make exquisite dimensional lettering. You can display your signage in several ways, including bolting it to posts that are planted in the ground or bolted directly to a wall. Signage should be professionally installed and properly sealed to avoid warping.

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Custom Wooden Signs
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What About Large Wooden Signs? The Choice is Yours

Our large wooden signs are made to order and can be customized to suit your requirements. Customization includes wording, font, lettering, artwork, and lots more. Adding a rustic touch to a room or area has never been easier thanks to wooden signs. Many signs are made with cedar stock and then deeply sandblasted and painted. They are then completed with an oil base coat to seal and protect them, while rendering them extremely attractive. Wooden signage can also be used for cabins, cottages, and homes, to bring personality, warmth, or humor to your personal space. Ordering signage is as easy as discussing your requirements with us and letting us do the rest.

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What About Handcrafted Wooden Signs?

Our handcrafted wooden signs add a touch of rustic pride to any location, be it your home’s exterior, your wedding day, your office reception, or to make an announcement. Wooden signs also make great gifts for housewarming parties, Christmas, Father’s Day, as awards, as directional signage on wedding days, or even for the dog’s kennel! They are the ideal personalized symbol. If your signs are to be used outdoors, you will want them to stand the test of time. You can weatherproof them by:

  • Opting for robust types of handcrafted wooden signs
  • Ensuring the wood panels are properly sanded
  • If necessary, applying wood putty
  • Using a water repellant preservative
  • Using a paint designed for outdoor applications
  • Ensuring a wood sealant is applied
  • Using plastic edge caps
  • Ordering signage from a professional manufacturer
  • Making sure the sign is professionally installed
  • At least annually treating the signs

What Else Should You Know About Wooden Signs?

If you’re not sure what type of wooden signs you would like to order, we are happy to discuss your requirements and make recommendations accordingly. It will all depend on certain factors, such as:

  • Type of wood
  • The function of the signage
  • Where the sign will be placed
  • The type of finish you would like – gloss or matt
  • How many wooden signs you would like
  • The amount of time required to produce the signage
  • The size of the signage
  • Shape of signage
  • The message for the signage
  • The sealant required
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You can send us your logo in any format,
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