Plastic Letters For Signs
Choosing Plastic Letters for Signs from Plastic Office Signs

Plastic letters for signs are available in a wide variety of faces, fonts, and colors. The most common type of mounting uses is usually stud mounting. Stud mounting is a secure method and extremely easy to install. We offer a variety of installation methods and packaging and are happy to guide you through the process of drilling to ensure your signage is level. You may need to use 100 percent pure silicon to slide the letters in. The entire process is very easy. Most types of letting come with a warranty against chipping, cracking, and fading. Plastic is the most common for lettering since it can give the appearance of metal while being far more affordable.

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All You Need to Know About Plastic Letter Signs

Plastic letter signs are predominantly used indoors so they will not fade or wrap. Sizes range so we can help you pick the best plastic letter signs for your signage requirements. There are a wide variety of applications for plastic lettering and sometimes it can work for outdoor applications, too. We are able to produce both large and small sized numbers and letters. We will consider the location of your signage, your specific industry, and any other particular needs your signage requires. If you have any specific questions or concerns, you are most welcome to contact us and we can work together to find the perfect solution.

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Mounting Methods for Plastic Letter Signs

There are a variety of installation methods available for plastic letter signs, depending on your application. We are also happy to give you installation instructions along with hardware mounting supplies for all the letters and formed plastic. We use printable tape and coloring and we offer the option to do a coloring with an automotive enamel. To choose this option of coloring, the sign needs to be made of PVC and the lateral planes should be painted, too. This kind of coloring can take a little more time and can be slightly costlier as we need to ensure we get the paint color perfect. Both coloring and printable tape can be glossy and matte. You can verify your preference when ordering.

  • Plastic letter signs are great as directional wording
  • Wording and numbering to match your corporate identity
  • Lettering to display employee names
  • Lettering to display different areas within an office
  • Wording to go hand-in-hand with your branding
  • Signage for offices, waiting areas, receptions, and more
  • Signage for restrooms, canteens, fire escapes
  • Signage for parking
  • Signage for reception areas and notices
  • Branded signage for offices

Get Your Plastic Lettering for Signs from Plastic Office Signs

We offer a wide variety of styles and colors to complement your brand, logo, and corporate identity. Our designers will work with you to ensure you receive signage you are 100% satisfied with and that will go the distance in your workspace. Plastic lettering for signs is the perfect way to advertise your business. Installation is easy, too, and little maintenance is required.

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You can send us your logo in any format,
and our manager will prepare all details quickly and for free
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