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Waiting room and medical office signs cater to the needs of health care facilities, medical facilities, hospitals, and doctor’s offices. Plastic Office Signs offers an array of signage for offices, doors, emergency room markers, exam room signage, corridor directional signage, co-pay notices, and medical office exam room flags. We are happy to customize your signs to suit your requirements. Our signs are made from either PVC or composite and we offer a range of thicknesses. We also offer options for printable tape and coloring. Whether your recovery room needs new signage, your procedure room is lacking information or your consulting rooms require doctor’s names on the doors, we can help you.

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Plastic Office Signs is your source for premium medical office signs. We can create customized medical office waiting room signs as well as numbered exam room signage, lab signs, and procedure room signage. Just send us your logo in any format and we will get to work on your order. You can choose from several different thicknesses of PVC or opt for composite signs 3mm thickness. Printable tape and coloring can be either matt or glossy and coloring can be done with automotive enamel. Our signs will not warp or fade and are lightweight and easy to install.

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Do You Need Signs for Waiting Room in Medical Office?

Post signs for waiting room in medical office to direct your patients and visitors to the appropriate waiting areas. Our product range includes medical office signs, arrow signs, and signs with doctor’s names. Our plastic signage is weather-resistant and can be customized with your own text, graphics, logo, and more. In fact, you can customize your signage any way you like with room numbers, personnel titles, employee names, and so on. You may also want to consider receptionist name plates, medical office signage, and directional signs for restrooms.

The benefits of signs for waiting room in medical office include:

  • Direct patients to appropriate waiting areas
  • Introduce receptionists
  • Advertise payment options
  • Direct visitors to restrooms
  • Label consulting rooms
  • Doctor’s names on desks
  • Directional signs to x-ray rooms
  • Signage for therapy rooms
  • Parking signs
  • Instructional signage for new patients

Signs for Medical Office Waiting Room – Order Today

Medical office signs displayed in a medical reception area or waiting room can give information to patients, staff, and members of the public. They can help dispense general information, safety advice, and directions. Signs for medical office waiting room can be customized and either hang from the ceiling, on the wall, or be freestanding. Mounted signs are easy to install and light weight. They are also easy to care for. The text, logo, and branding is up to you – we will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the best possible signage for your practice.

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Find out the price of your project
You can send us your logo in any format,
and our manager will prepare all details quickly and for free
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