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Choosing Wedding Reception Signs for Your Big Day

As your wedding day gets closer, you’ll find yourself shifting from having to make the huge decisions to putting together the smaller details, such as décor and signage. Not only is working on the smaller details loads of fun, it’s also a great time to get creative with a bunch of personal touches. While centerpieces and homemade décor is stunning, you’ll probably be just as eager to find something that is easy to use and makes a great statement. That’s when you need wedding reception signs. A brilliant reception sign will look amazing on your special day while also serving as an important function, such as giving guests direction, welcoming them, and letting them know what’s on the menu. At Plastic Office Signs we have the perfect sign for any occasion.

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So Many Choices for Signs for Wedding Reception

Reception signs have become a popular-must have on your special day. Whether you want to express something funny, something hopelessly romantic, of point your guests in the direction of the bar, signs for wedding reception are a great way to do it. They also make for wonderful photo opportunities so remember to get a few wedding pictures taken around your signs. Many couple opt for a rustic look, especially if they are getting married in a slightly obscure location. Guests will need to be pointed in the direction of the ceremony and reception. Welcome signs are particularly popular and you can choose from a wide range of styles to suit your theme and décor.

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Choosing Reception Signage for Your Special Day

Don’t leave your guests hanging during the day, or while you’re off having photos taken. Make use of attractive reception signage to let guests know what’s going on with a schedule of events. It’s also a great way of making sure everything runs smoothly and to time. If you’ll be stepping away from tradition and wish to seat your guests all together during the ceremony instead of splitting up bride and groom sides, let a sign let everyone know to pick a seat instead of a side! Other uses for signs include:

  • Directional reception signage
  • To welcome guests
  • For seating
  • Tell guests what to expect
  • Let guests know what’s on the menu
  • Tell guests where to sit at your reception
  • Let guests know what entertainment you have planned
  • Let guests know where the photo booth/dance floor is
  • Let guests know where to share photos on social media
  • Share a list of cabs so guests can get home safely

Design an Attractive Reception Logo for All Your Signage

By customizing your reception signs, you can incorporate a special reception logo to match your theme. Your theme could be centered around:

  • A reception logo that embraces the season
  • A family emblem
  • A logo that incorporates your personalities
  • Your initials entwined
  • A directional logo for photo booth, toilets, bar
  • Your faces molded together into an image
  • A logo that is easy to identify at a large venue
  • The date of the wedding
  • Something that shows your fun side as a couple
  • The date you first met
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You can send us your logo in any format,
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