Custom Bar Signs
Custom Made Bar Signs for Home or Commercial Use

No bar is complete without a few clever custom bar signs covering the walls or hanging above the bar. For the most creative and interesting statements, look no further than Plastic Office Signs for all your custom made bar signs. Wine lovers, sports fans, beer snobs, and everyone else, we are sure that you will find that perfect sign. Whether you have a catchy slogan or a sassy statement, or perhaps just a few plastic signs that create non-smoking areas, notices towards restrooms, or even signs dictating “staff only” and “kitchen” sections, we have what you need. We use PVC or composite materials to design signs, along with printable tape for all your wording requirements.

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Looking for Custom Bar Signs for Home? We Can Help

Custom bar signs for your home bar area not only personalize your space, but they create fun talking points for your guests. You could choose something that has great meaning, or refers to your favorite sports teams, your favorite drinks, or even a few funny sayings. Custom bar signs for home make for unique home décor. The biggest benefit is that you can include personal details while maintaining a classy look. Whether you want personal dates, your family crest, family name or even a quirky image, it is a great way to allow your personality to shine through.

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Get Your Custom Bar Signs Personalized Today

Custom bar signs offer a warm charm to any space in the home. We cut  these into various shapes and sizes, so that you can have your custom bar signs personalized to your taste and personality. Our PVC signs are lightweight and easy to hang, and require very little maintenance. When hung indoors, the signs will not warp or fade. They also work well in the kitchen and bathroom. If you want something a little quirky, or even an expression of love in the house, we can create it. Many men find that these customized signs fit perfectly in their man caves, or pretty much anywhere in their home! 

Custom bar signs can:

  • Add a fun feature to your home or business
  • Bring out your personality in your own space
  • Create family cohesion with a crest, saying, or image
  • Create a talking point for guests
  • Remind you of your favorite sports team
  • Advertise your favorite drinks
  • Be placed anywhere in the home where you want to add a bit of fun
  • Advertise a non-smoking section
  • Point to the restroom
  • Incorporate funny sayings

Looking for Custom Signs for Home Bar?

If you would love custom signs for a home bar, look no further than Plastic Office Signs. We work with composite and PVC to create easy-to-maintain, light weight and long-lasting signage. Composite signs come in 3mm thickness, or PVC can be ordered in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10mm and can be created thicker by gluing pieces together based on your requirements.


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Find out the price of your project
You can send us your logo in any format,
and our manager will prepare all details quickly and for free
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