PVC as a perfect raw material for a business sign

March 15, 2016

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is one of the common raw material for signboards production. Why it is so popular? The answer is simple. PVC one of the materials that is flexible and lasting. This type of plastic is commonly used for the production of the large amounts of the complex-shaped products. It doesn’t swell or collapse during long time exploitation. The high level of the fire safety is another great advantage of this material.

Business Sign Materials
Business Sign Materials

PVC is resistant to many chemical influences which include cleaning and disinfection by household chemicals. This makes a variety of products from PVC very suitable for daily using. It is also appropriate for painting and laminating. This material doesn’t contain heavy metals, therefore it is environmentally safe and not harmful to human body and environment. You can be absolutely sure that it's safe and secure for you and others.

PVC plastic is easy for handling as:

  • cropping,
  • drilling,
  • stamping,
  • glueing,
  • sawing,
  • milling,
  • bending,
  • welding,
  • grinding,
  • attaching to various materials

Business Sign Materials
Business Sign Materials

The surface of PVC plastic is perfect for the application of various types of tape, stencil printing or varnishing and painting.

PVC plastic is used for:

  • designing,
  • manufacturing of signs, street signs, etc.
  • exhibition stands construction,
  • siding walls, etc.

Business Sign Materials
Business Sign Materials

PVC plastic can easily contact with water for a long time without any deformation, it could be used for any type of business sign anywhere.

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