Office Room Signs for Your Business

Oct. 5, 2016

How to Select the Right Office Room Signs for Your Business

How can you decide on the best office signs for your company? If you have no idea what you want, it is best to meet with an expert who is used to advising on office room signs. And exactly what sort of signage should you order? While some signs are obvious, there are those you may not have thought of, which is why it is best to have a professional visit your premises. Perhaps you have recently had your offices renovated and haven’t even noticed that the new doorway leading from reception to the offices has a small step that isn’t particularly noticeable. It may even be at an odd height that poses a major safety risk. In this case, you would require a disclaimer sign, which is something every company should have, but that alone may not cover you should someone endure an injury.

Office Room Signs – Make Sure You’re Covered

Having office signs that cover you in a case of an incident can help avoid huge liability cases. Having an office room signs consultant visit your premises and advise can help to ensure as many bases as possible are covered. It’s also a fresh pair of eyes who will have fresh ideas for your office and who can help you work within your budget. What’s more, they can help you design signage that will serve as a wonderful marketing tool to attract new prospects to your company and help increase your business. It really is worth having a professional assess your premises and advise on your signage requirements. 

Looking After Your Office Reception Signs

Once your office reception signs have been installed, you will need to keep them clean and looking like new. It is usually best to hire a professional sign company for this task, as it doesn’t just include a quick dusting which you can, and should, do daily. Cleaning signage means physically handling it and using the right chemicals to keep it shining. Sometimes, the sign may have to be removed or opened to clean thoroughly. This may sound like a costly exercise, but it’s far less than having to replace any part of your signage. Parts that could break or require placement with incorrect handling include:

  • Cracks
  • Scratches
  • Pins coming off your office reception signs
  • Breakage due to incorrect chemicals being used
  • Paint wearing
  • Lettering coming off 
  • Splits in the material
  • Hanging signs falling off 
  • Clips coming off 
  • Nails falling off the wall

Office Reception Signs – Look After Your Investment

Office signs are an important investment for any company and bring a sense of pride to employees. When it comes to proper and regular care of your office reception signs, you can use dishwasher detergent and water along with a non-abrasive cloth. Remember to handle the sign gently and remove the residue of the chemicals once you are done. Office signs can be used for:

  • The reception area
  • Nameplates
  • Fire escapes
  • Waiting areas
  • Restrooms
  • Parking
  • Canteen
  • No smoking
  • Office divisions
  • Directional
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