Modern Office Signs

Sept. 23, 2016

What Kind of Modern Office Signs Are Best for Your Business?

This may not be the easiest question to answer. The modern office signs that work best for one business may not work well for yours. When it comes to deciding which signs will work best for your company, it is worth talking to a signage professional who can expertly advise you on the different kinds of signs while considering your budget and your purpose for the signage. As a general rule of thumb, your sing has to stand out and be visible, while conveying your intended message, even if that just means displaying your brand, logo, or motto. Besides location and your office building’s landlord requirements, which signs will work best for your office will depend on your budget and where the signs will be places, as well as what message you want to deliver and how far from the signs readers will be.

Modern Office Signs
Modern Office Signs

What Defines Good Quality Modern Office Signs?

Have you ever ordered office signs only to have them warp, wear, or be scratched over time? Or perhaps when it came time to paint the sign, there were visible sanding scratches within the paint? Perhaps it took several coats of paint to get the sign to a level where you were happy with the quality of work? Perhaps you employed a signage company that delivered a poor quality sign where the paint seemed to be reacting with itself but you had to have the sign put up anyway? Whatever the case, what defines good quality modern office signs?

Cool Office Signs of the Highest Quality

Cool office signs should have a quality that exceeds your expectations. It should be signage that is as close to perfection as you imagine, with the right lettering, the right finishes, no scratches, the right coloring, materials, and more. It should exceed what you asked for. It should be easy to install and easy to maintain and should not warp, wear, fade, scratch, rust, or bend over time. It should say what you need it to say and clearly. It should be easy to spot and read and stand out in the minds of all those who visit your office. There are so many uses for signs in an office, including:

  • Cool office signs for the reception area
  • Name signs for office doors
  • Emergency exit signage
  • Direction signage to smoking areas, the canteen, or restrooms
  • Non-smoking signage
  • Announcement signage
  • Branding throughout the office
  • Signage that announces each section of the office or building
  • Parking signage
  • Door signage and welcoming messages

How to Choose Cool Office Signs

The size, shape, color, font and material you choose for your cool office signs will depend on your budget and the purpose of the office signs. Elements to consider include:

  • Messaging
  • Materials
  • Branding
  • Fonts
  • Logos for cool office signs
  • Colors
  • Purpose
  • Finishes
  • Location
  • Maintenance

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