How Corporate Signage Design Can Benefit Your Business

Oct. 21, 2016

How Corporate Signage Design Can Benefit Your Business

Signage design can do amazing things when it comes to advertising and marketing for your business. Thanks to advancements in design and technology, businesses can now spend very little on corporate signage design and get all the marketing benefits. Well-placed and high-quality signage can have a massive impact on your revenue and brand recognition, yet remains cost-effective solution for business owners. So business owners with even a modest marketing budget can use signage to their advantage. According to studies, almost three-fourths of consumers have made purchases solely based on a sign that they have seen. However, signage is not just a solution for increasing awareness, it also has a tangible effect on sales. If you don’t have effective, and recognizable signage, it’s time to consider ordering from Plastic Office Signs!

Corporate Signage Design – The Quality of the Sign and Quality of Your Product

Not all corporate signage design is the same. High-quality signs can certainly boost your business, but a poorly designed sign can have an equally negative impact on your brand’s identity. In fact, two-thirds of consumers surveyed have drawn a direct link between the quality of a business’s signs and the quality of the products or services. This is particularly important when considered in the context of word-of-mouth advertising. If your sign reflects poorly on your brand image, customers are likely to share their opinion with others. Quality signs are helpful when creating brand awareness in the local area. Some business owners think their signage has outlived its usefulness after a certain period of time and that everyone has seen it. But, people relocate every year which means there is always potential to expand your customer base.

Quality Exterior Signage Design Packs a Punch

Exterior signage design offers remarkable value compared to other kinds of media outlets, like television and newspapers. On-site, high-quality signage design costs a minimal amount per impression compared to the other media and it offers a longer lifespan. Furthermore, customers who live within a five-mile radius are known to be the lifeblood of local businesses. They can quickly become long-term buyers and are less expensive than newer customers to motivate to buy from you. This person has the potential to see your exterior signage a lot in a given month, which means you can continue to reach them with this small investment.

The Benefits of Exterior Signage Design

Exterior signage design can:

  • Eliminate massive marketing costs
  • Is impressive to those who see it 
  • Attracts new customers
  • Can outdo your competitors
  • Helps to engage customers
  • Can be customized with your branding and marketing message
  • Acts as a pointer towards your premises
  • Is an effective form of marketing
  • Can boost sales
  • Can retain customers
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